Useful information

Only oxygen diffusion-free plastic pipes or multi-layer oxygen diffusion-free pipes can be used. Depending on the type of plastic pipe used, if not an oxygen diffusion-free pipe, it may cause spot corrosion and can change the water’s compound when heated. Due to the breakup of aluminium oxide particles the radiator, furnance and/or pump may become blocked which may cause the radiator to leak.


During a mass production order a single customized order cannot be produced. On the other hand, a single customized order is welcome in any color or size. The RAL colour range can assist when considering a customized color.


Every object which is heated then cooled will make a crackling noise due to the expansion and contraction of the material. The radiators manufactured by Romantik 2000 Ltd do not make a crackling noise provided it is installed properly according to the manual. Romantik 2000 Ltd’s radiators are able to accommodate for any additional vertical or horizontal movement caused by heat expansion and contraction.


Radiators in general open at the bottom or upper part of the radiator and draw the dusty air in. When the air is processed it makes the wall dusty or lined. Romantik 2000 Ltd provides a unique solution to this problem which does not cause any loss in efficiency. Romantik 2000 Ltd manufactures an aluminium air deflector in your preferred size and color, which can be placed behind the radiator. Your wall and wall paper is therefore protected from dust build-up.


This does not apply for Romantik 2000 Ltd radiators. The relevant cross sections inside the radiator are smaller than the corresponding diameter of the heating pipe. There is an increase in flow which prevents the radiator from rusting or corroding. Over decades of use this also prevents the overall efficiency of the radiator from deteriorating.