Product brochure - the Romantik aluradiator product family

Aluminium radiators manufactured by Romantik L and M Ltd exhibit the same quality as the genuine ID Romantik radiators. The esthetic, economically efficient and economic heat output attributes comply with the most demanding domestic and foreign requirements. Continuous production of the Romantik L and M Ltd radiators is strengthened by a solid work etiquette and background.

Romantik L and M Ltd offers a wide range of sizes, colors and models which offer unlimited possibilities for use in apartments with circular or block-heating systems, family homes, offices, shops, etc. Our radiators can be extended and converted. In case of mechanical failure, radiators can be repaired in our workshop.



  • classic style exhibits an even rib style with rounded corners and smooth finish
  • energy saver
  • outstanding heat output


  • exhibits a new design with a chic curved rib style
  • energy saver



Standard Romantik L and M Ltd radiator orders are available in 9 standard heights consisting of 2-32 cells/ ribs. Special orders are welcome as well. Please do not hesitate to call our customer service at: +36 (35) 500-470 for any further technical information.


The following standard colors exhibit the same price:

  • EP 1000 white
  • RAL 1015 cream
  • RAL 8015 brown

Prices vary where customized orders are concerned. The price of the orders pertaining other RAL colors not mentioned above will depend on the size of the order. We also offer painted with ultra-matt paint with an anodized effect colors. The powder coated finish is burnt to the surface at 180°C. This method ensures that the color is long-lasting and aesthetic. The smooth surface can be cleaned easily.


Pleated cardboard and PE foil wrapping is used to protect the radiators during storage and transportation. It is recommended that the radiators be stored in their original packaging until the actual installation takes place. Parts and accessories are sold in unit packages.


The planning and installation of hot water heating systems must be executed by licensed professionals only (as described in Hungarian Law 1997. LXXVIII.). When selecting different elements for the heating system, the corrosion characteristics of the aluminium must be taken into consideration. Pipes approved by ÉMI must be made of oxygen-diffusion free plastic or steel (iron). The overall goal is to develop a homogenous system.

The use of inadequate or unapproved constructional material and/or unprofessional installation can shorten the lifetime of the heating system and/or the radiator.

The Romantik aluminium radiator product family and the Helena radiators can be applied up to 6 bar pressure at a maximum of 110°C. When planning a heating system, the relevant Hungarian standards and regulations for aluminium radiators must be taken into consideration.

When filling up or flushing the heating system, it is recommended that the quality of the water (heat-carrier) should comply with the regulations set by MSZ 450/1989 regarding drinking water standard specifications, where the limit stated for dissolved oxygen is max. 1mg/dm3 ♦ PH: 7-8,5


Before installing a newly purchased radiator it must be flushed and rinsed with tap water. It is recommended to use water of up to 50°C in temperature and the system must be drained as quickly as possible. Do not use detergents!

Use closed heating systems only.

We recommended the use of a 150 u. fine filter in the system.

Do not cover the radiators and heating elements.

When installing the radiator, fittings (size 1/2" or smaller) provided by the manufacturer must be used. If these fittings are not used, corrosion may occur and the 10 year guarantee will become void. Small dirt particles should not be able to enter the system. The application of water softening detergents should be avoided as well.

Avoid having to drain the system frequently and/or completely. The amount of water refilled monthly should not be more than 2% of the total water quantity. This rule applies to heating systems with automatic refillers as well.

The water-level in the system should be checked yearly.

Where a hybrid heating system is concerned, it is recommended to separate the floor heating circulation systems from the radiators.


Please use a soft cloth for dusting. In case of heavy stains a mild detergent is sufficient.


Distribution license number

Valid until 31. January, 2011 - É.M.I. A-7/2001