About me

Romantik L és M Ltd is a Hungarian company trading since 2000, the same year the company Fémipari RT. Radiátor had been bought out. Romantik L és M Ltd manufactures top quality radiators in Balassagyarmat.

During the past years several vast investments have been made into the company. Amongst many goals, we aim to formulate and maintain strong business relationships with European manufacturers, distributors, dealers and retailers in order to increase the value of inland exports.

A recent development has been the formulation and partnership with the Gépész Csoport (Engineer Group) allowing Romantik L és M Ltd to be strategically placed in the market.
Retailers are served directly from our central warehouse in Balassagyarmat. Due to our central storage and warehouse capabilities we are able to ensure immediate delivery depending on the quantity of the goods ordered.

Company policy and goals state that the manufacturing, production, distribution, development and improvement of the ROMANTIK aluradiator family must be a continuous process. The achievement of the above-mentioned objectives has been ensured by a purchase licence agreement, which furthermore has been tried and tested over a 20 year period by the previous company.

The ISO 9001, an International Organization for Standardization, allows Romantik L és M Ltd to emphasise importance placed on customer satisfaction guarantee. Romantik L és M Ltd is committed to providing only the best technical expertise and experience, quick and efficient administration, as well as continuous clientele liason. Our main objective placed around orders is the all-inclusive customer satisfactory service. Furthermore, Romantik L és M Ltd aims to continuously build and enhance quality through service resulting in the finest, most elegant products on the market. Through our dedication and work ethic we also aim to be a successful partner to long distance customers. Romantik L és M Ltd strives to bring our customers simply only the best quality for the best price.